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Biden's Executive Order to provide abortion is material cooperation with evil

In our previous article we explained that Joseph R. Biden, Jr. should be publicly excommunicated based upon his vocal support for abortion as President. We identified multiple canons of the Code of Canon Law that ought to lead a compassionate prelate to declare Biden excommunicated because he intentionally misleads the public, including many Catholics, lying that support for abortion access is consistent with the Catholic faith. It could be argued that prior to July 8, 2022, Biden's actions were still tenuous enough to provide a fig leaf of legitimacy for the Church's failure to act.

But today is different. As Catholics and other Christians prayed for decades, Roe v. Wade, the U.S. Supreme Court's 1973 decision that abortion could not be restricted or banned by states, was overturned in June 2022 in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization. This was a great victory for the natural law and human rights as now U.S. states could enact laws protecting the unborn and the pro-life movement could shift its effort to supporting women with unplanned pregnancy. Biden's responsibilities as President following the Dobbs decision could be debated by people of good conscience. But it is not his words which now make him even more subject to latae sententia and ferendae sententiae excommunication.

Biden's direct action on July 8, 2022 in issuing an Executive Order to the Department of Justice and Department of Health and Human Services to ensure access to abortions is material cooperation with abortion. We have been clear, Biden's words arguing in favor of abortion, and considering the special circumstance of his position as the most powerful person in the world, is sufficient to incur excommunication. Now he has actually used his special and unique power as president to issue executive orders, which have the force of law, to provide abortions. His actions materially intercede such that where an abortion in a state would have been prevented by state law, by way of his action to make abortifacient drugs more easily available or provide access, that unborn child will now be killed via abortion. His hand is literally, by the stroke of his pen, aiding the abortionist to kill unborn children. Their blood is upon his hand.

American Catholics across the country breathed a sigh of calm relief when Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco finally took public action against the second-most apostate Catholic aider and abetter of abortionists, U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. The Archbishop forbade Pelosi from receiving the sacrament of the Eucharist, by his authority requiring priests of his diocese to refuse to distribute Holy Communion to her so long as she persists in her public apostasy in support of abortion. Sadly, Archbishop Cordileone was not supported by Pope Francis, and Pelosi publicly defied her bishop by presenting herself for Holy Communion at a public mass at the Vatican itself. As a Catholic of the Archdiocese of San Francisco, Pelosi's defiance is gravely sinful. Still, the courage of Archbishop Cordileone in taking such a public act of compassion, meant to call the sinner to repent and obtain salvation, was profound.

Unfortunately, the American hierarchy appears to lack the unity and fortitude to call apostate pro-abortion Catholics back to their faith. Cardinal Wilton Gregory, Archbishop of the Diocese of Washington DC, has thus far declined to take pastoral action with regard to Catholic politicians who publicly defy and distort the Catholic faith and take direct actions in opposition to the Church. Nancy Pelosi remains, to all appearances, free to defy her bishop and receive Holy Communion from priests under the authority of Cardinal Gregory.

Either Cardinal Gregory or Bishop William Koenig of Biden's home diocese of Wilmington, Delaware should recognize that President Biden's actions of July 8 have gone far beyond Pelosi's or his own previous evil actions in advocating for rights and access to abortion. Biden's actions mean that abortions will occur, that children will be murdered, in the jurisdictions of these two bishops that would otherwise not have occurred due to changes in state law. Women seeking to kill their child in utero will be coming to Delaware and Washington DC to commit this act that would not otherwise have done so. The sole interceding event: President Joe Biden's Executive Order on abortion.

We continue to pray for the Church, her priests, her bishops, her Holy Father. We pray for the President and all pro-abortion politicians that they will turn their hearts and flee from their apostasy. We pray for all women facing the great difficulty of an unintended pregnancy that they will avail themselves to available resources and choose life. But we need more prayerful and direct action to prevent the evil of abortion from continuing to drag our society into the culture of death. We need strong churchmen to stand up for life and make plain the grievous error of high-profile political leaders who believe, thus far without challenge, that they can be consistently Catholic and pro-abortion. We need them to be set straight and to feel the protective arms of the Church.

In short, we need President Joe Biden to be declared excommunicated for his Executive Order in support of abortion. The time is now.

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