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President Joe Biden should be excommunicated

January 22, 2021

President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. is a baptized Catholic and professes to be a practicing Catholic. He has and continues to publicly support legal abortions. The Catholic Church clearly and unequivocally holds that every abortion is the murder of an innocent life. For the good of the unborn and for the good of his own soul, President Joe Biden should be declared excommunicated.

Canon Law clearly states that intentional participation in procuring an abortion is so serious a sin that any such participant incurs latae sententia (automatic) excommunication [Can. 1398]. Canon Law and the clear teaching of the Church also holds that Catholics in public positions have an affirmative responsibility not to distort the Catholic faith [Can. 750; Living The Gospel of Life (1998)]. Canon Law specifically states that those who persevere in manifest grave sin, at the very least, are excluded from receiving Holy Communion [Can. 915]. A competent prelate of the Catholic Church, such as the bishop of a diocese, may impose excommunication (ferendae sententiae) on a person who refuses to cease participation in grave sin [Can. 1314, 1331]. A Catholic that persists in supporting grave sin publicly, such that they injure good morals is subject to severe sanction, including excommunication [Can. 1369].

Joe Biden has consistently distorted the position of the Catholic Church on abortion. When confronted on the conflict between his proclaimed Catholic faith and public support for killing the unborn, he disingenuously infers that the Church has not made its unequivocal opposition to abortion clear.  He has consistently and incomprehensibly proclaimed his support for abortion and suggests that is consistent with adherence to the Catholic faith.  This is a grave inconsistency that does damage to the Church, the faith, public morals, and the faithful.

Joe Biden now holds the office of President of the United States. This is the most powerful position in the most powerful nation in the world. He is, effectively, the most powerful person in the world. He has an affirmative responsibility to use his great power to protect innocent life. His position as President and his continuing distortion of the Catholic faith via his false, wrong, and immoral public stance on abortion is a scandal of the highest order. His actions as President have directly provided funding for abortions and assistance in procuring abortions in the United States and throughout the world. His actions have led to the deaths of countless unborn children. Their blood is on his hands.

He may have already incurred latae sententiae excommunication due to his advocacy and intentional direct assistance. Sadly, this will almost certainly mean that his participation in the sacraments is invalid and upon his death he will subjected to the pains of hell for all eternity. This unstated excommunication will also likely lead many more good Catholics into error and sin. Without clear and unequivocal admonition by the magisterium and hierarchy of the Church that Biden's pro-abortion actions are incompatible with being a practicing Catholic, many Catholics falsely believe that they too can be "pro-choice" in support of abortion and still be a good Catholic. This leads to individual Catholic support for pro-abortion politicians and policies and directly leads to the murder of unborn babies, now and into the future.

But there is hope, for President Biden and for the world. A public decree of excommunication by an appropriate bishop would be great act of compassion and charity. Such a declaration would publicly inform Mr. Biden, and all Catholics, that his protection of and participation in abortion is a grave sin and thus makes him ineligible to participate in the sacraments of the Church. He would then be forced to know and confront the clear error of his position and actions. Conversely, the lack of such a declaration informs him that his position and actions regarding abortion are not sinful and will not impact his eternal soul. If he is permitted to receive Holy Communion while persevering in his grave sin he will be emboldened to further assist the culture of death and provide material support to killing more babies. But if publicly rebuked and declared excommunicated, he will have to either accept and repent his position and actions, or, acknowledge that he does not accept the teachings of the Catholic Church.

While it would be preferable in the hearts of all the faithful for a sinner to repent, save his own soul, and correct the errors of his ways, either outcome would be preferable to leaving the status quo where he is able to support abortion with impunity and without consequence. If he chooses not to repent and thus accepts the judgment of the Church, at least the number of other souls led astray by him will be minimized.

In any case it is incumbent on the pastors of the Church to be courageous, stand up to scrutiny, external and internal, and declare Joe Biden excommunicated for his position on and actions on abortion. For the good of his own soul, for the souls of Catholic faithful in the U.S. and all over the world, this man must not be permitted to commit public apostasy and create confusion, conflict, and scandal related to the great evil of abortion.

The Catholic faithful must maintain their obedience to legitimate civil authority. They must also be obedient to their pastors and the legitimate authorities of the Church, the bishops and the Pope. But we cannot acquiesce to ineffectual, ineffective, and counterproductive wait-and-see attitude that has become the norm with American Catholic politicians who violate their faith by publicly supporting and acting to procure abortions. For the first time since abortion was legalized in the the United States, the president is someone who professes publicly, to be Catholic. Patience is not warranted. Every day that passes with Mr. Biden in power without public rebuke by the Church leads more and more faithful towards sharing his error.

This site is a humble attempt to call attention to this great scandal and serve as a catalyst to persuade the princes of the most holy Catholic Church to confront great evil and do so boldly and publicly. Decades of timid reservation have built up too much complacency. We pray for the President and the conversion of his heart. We pray for our pastors, our hierarchy, our Holy Father, our Church and we remain obedient to them. But we encourage them, as an act of charity, to act to save our President and our nation from the evil of abortion in the only manner that is reasonably likely to make a real and appreciable difference now and for the future: Excommunicate Joe Biden.

-- Spurinna

(Proceeds go to fund pro-life organizations and adoption)

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